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Install GroupFilter and in less than 5 minutes, have the proprietary machine learning Chrome application reporting metrics to deliver insights on your GroupFilter dashboard.
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GroupFilter uses the latest 256-bit encryption technology along with hack-proof code designed by the leading experts in data protection, and is backed by 3 years of research and development.
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Our analytics apps have had 145,000 installs to date from referrals, which proves how much our customers love using our reporting tools through sharing the app with their friends.

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features of GroupFilter

Connection Metrics

Once installed, GroupFilter will begin populating your members. The app populates all active connections. From your GroupFilter dashboard, you can easily filter and sort using our simple user interface.
Scanning Group Members

Connection Datapoints

Once the member's metrics are populated, GroupFilter will prioritize data using our powerful filter dashboard. GroupFilter uses our proprietary systems to analyze over a dozen datapoints to provide insights and metrics on members.
Scanning Group Engagements


Think of your dashboard as your metric analytics control center. Track communication metrics with all your connections, analyze your strategies with real-time feedback. What can be measured, can be improved; and GroupFilter provides the metrics and data to make better decisions.

Members' Metrics

After the metrics are populated on your dashboard, the active members show the metrics for your members. Use this data with your sales team to find your best clients, and without GroupFilter, none of this data would be available.
Active Group Members

Filter Metrics

Use the simple filters in the GroupFilter dashboard to see prioritized member connections, then make decisions on these connections based upon the real-time metrics from the proprietary analytics dashboard.
Inactive Group Members

The Whitelist

Select your prioritized members by adding to your whitelist. These connections will be moved to the whitelist filters to sort by metrics, even if there is no data to be shown from these connections.
Whitelisted Group Members

Member Archives

GroupFilter saves all archived member connections. This data is valuable as you can see the history of all connections you have been connected with historically, how they connect with your content and how long they were connected to your group.
Archive of Removed Group friends

Group Permission

One of the most demanded features, with GroupFilter, the Facebook Group owner can assign permissions to allow other Group Admins to manage the GroupFilter app! Perfect for any busy Facebook Group owner who has a team who can manage the app!
Group Permissions

Multiple Groups

With GroupFilter, you can manage multiple Facebook Groups from the same dashboard. Without logging out, users with multiple groups can 1-click between groups to manage reports and analytics on different Facebook Groups faster than ever before!
Manage Multiple Groups

Member Search

The GroupFilter smart search system can help you to find members faster than any other method. With the search features, you can quickly detect groups of members and filter quickly, adding to the proper lists for reporting.
Search in All Group Members


How does it work?
GroupFilter analyzes your group and reports on all metrics.
Is GroupFilter safe?
The GroupFilter extension runs on your computer, not on our servers. Be sure to follow the GroupFilter Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Does GroupFilter have a free option?
Yes. You can try GroupFilter for 14 days completely free, no credit card required. If you love the service, you can choose our monthly pricing plan for $45 per month or $297 per year to continue using our service and have access to our priority customer support.
If I need assistance what do I do?
If you need GroupFilter technical support, click here and create a ticket. Our helpful customer success team will be able to assist you within 48 hours with any support issues.

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